Jalandhar Cantonment is one of the oldest Cantonments in India, the foundation of which was started in 1848 after the first Anglo Sikh war when the British settled in North India. The original scope of this Cantonment was limited to troops to quell disturbances from adjoining states for the maintenance of peace and order. Jalandhar Cantonment has traditionally housed Jalandhar Garrison. Its history dates back to 1865 when it was raised as Jalandhar Garrison by Colonel J.N. Bishop. In 1904, it was re-designated as Jalandhar Brigade under the command of Major Gen. JAH Pollock. Gen. REH Dyer of the notorious Jalianwala Bagh episode commanded it from 1917 to 1919. The first Indian Commander was Brig. Lakhwinder Singh, MBE who took over from Brig. RCB Bristow, OBE in 1947. The departure of British from India and subsequent partition of the country changed the complexion of the Cantonment. It has gained tremendous importance on account of its proximity to the border with Pakistan.